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  • Stecie A.K.

Better Days

You open your eyes on yet another cold morning,

And, as you get ready, you brace yourself for the sadness that always comes without warning.

You make your bed, eat breakfast, waiting for the other shoe to drop,

You wait for this feeling of calm, of ease, to stop.

You tackle your homework, watch a show or two,

And yet again, you wait for the usual plagues to ensue.

You read a book, take on your usual distractions,

Yet, there's nothing to distract from, so, these remain mindless actions.

Finally the suspense kills you and you invite chaos yourself,

You think back to your trauma, the unfairities life has dealt.

But today there's no pain, the images simply pass by,

The tears that usually follow don't, and, you don't know why.

You sit confused.

The lack of a daily breakdown is certainly news.

Though, as you bask in this feeling of peace you've never known,

You realize, oh my God-

You've grown.


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