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  • Jahena Orthi

Black History Month

It’s February so Canadians are celebrating Black History Month! All across Canada, people celebrate black heritage and honor black canadians and their legacies. There are many events and festivals to celebrate Black History and educate Canadians. Promoting awareness in social media, printing posters, and much more in this time of festivity. There is also a virtual event for Black History Month Celebration live at 7pm EST on February 17, 2022 by the Canadian Government.

This year’s theme in Canada for Black History Month is ‘February and Forever: Celebrating Black History today and every day’. We get a chance to appreciate the contributions of black Canadians, their accomplishments, and their role to shape Canada, the country it is today. This month is also a time to especially raise attention on the racism and discrimination black people have faced and are facing now. Not only do we celebrate the rich history in Canada, but we also must educate ourselves and learn about the injustice and inequalities black people have faced. It is crucial to put an end to systematic-racism and ensure black Canadians have access to all the rights and freedoms they are entitled to. Not just today and this month, but everyday!

Black history month initially began in America in February 1926 by an African American scholar Dr. Carter G. Woodson. It was called “Negro History Week”, which was a mission to educate others about black history and the existing racism in their system. Now, we celebrate black history all over the world, month long in February. This month is a time of recognition and celebration of black history and future steps we will take to promote equality and diversity into our society.

Resources to further educate yourself:

Take some time and check the government of Canada’s website for more resources as well.


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