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  • Madisyn Yanesa


In our society, we have a perception of what beauty is supposed to look like or what it is expected to be. This misconception consists of having a skinny figure, flat stomach, symmetrical face, and no imperfections. We think that beauty revolves around appearances; what is on the outside. This perception of beauty has altered its meaning and has influenced us to believe that we must fulfill these standards to be considered beautiful.

With the evolution of social media, we are told what is attractive and what is not. For example, the concept of having stretch marks is “fat” or “unhealthy”. However, the causes of stretch marks can be due to genetics or our bodies growing. Social media has taught us that being a bigger body type is unattractive, and having fat on our bodies is unhealthy. We all consist of different body types, so it is impossible to look the same as one another. A person with a bigger body physique can be healthier than a person that is smaller than them.

Social media has made us measure our beauty with what dress size we are. If we have a bigger dress size, we are expected to lose weight. We get shamed into thinking our bodies aren’t good enough if we don’t fit this perception. Teenagers are especially pressured into following these standards. If they do not follow them, they don’t feel accepted. This causes them to have insecurities to fix themselves and a low self-esteem. As a teenager living in present society, the perceptions I am expected to follow are unrealistic. I am expected to look like these “perfect” people, and it makes me feel like I’m not good enough if I don’t look exactly like them.

If we want to fix this issue for future generations we need to fix this “broken beauty”. We need to spread body positivity. No matter what body type you are, if you are on the slimmer or thicker side, have acne, ethnic features, you are beautiful. We need to prioritize what is on the inside rather than what is on the outside. We don’t need to be perfect, because our imperfections are what makes us beautiful. The true meaning of beauty is about being unique and showing our true selves.


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