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  • Stecie A.K.

Dare To Be different

Its hypocrisy the democracy that we are told we live in

The dictatorships of our relationships when we are told to follow

It’s just as if we live in a world where one can’t dare to be different

And honestly it’s food for thought for me

That these are the choices we’re given.

That we get married at 24, have kids at 28 and God forbid we dare to stray from our societal ways-

the right way they say.

To believe in the institution of marriage, the shackles you put on when you ride out in your honeymoon carriage

The smile you put on so no sees the discourage that we face in this world we live in

They say it’s my way or the highway in fact that highway leads to hell

But how can the destination be the present location with burning embers that fly

Fly, far away as those embers represent the dreams of yours that came and went and you wish the reminders would just go away.

But sadly you see it’s not just you it’s me and everyone who keeps the change at bay.

The thing you feel inside you when your feelings are pushed aside and you go and you hide cuz God forbid a man cry because well-

The provider must be a fighter, keep prissy girls like me in check

But they never really wonder exactly what it is you do for that check, huh


Never mind you’ve got a penis so it’s fine

And while we’re at it let’s just tell her tell her she doesn’t matter.

Let’s ask questions like: What’s with her? Must be the time of the month for her?


when you have a dream it’s, what about the children?

What children-

Well the children you’re bound to have,

And if you say don’t want any,

Well you don’t have a choice; and to be never really have.


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