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  • Melissa Thambiaiah

Environmental Destruction: Tarnishing our Mother

Once beautiful, once pure,

Now polluted, now obscure.

Oh, Mother, how harmful we’ve behaved,

We disregarded the tender love and care you craved.

Between the waste, we’ve disposed of onto you,

And the extraction of nature’s resources, withdrew.

Mesmerizing skies turned to dreary views of gloom,

The earth, as we know it, resembles a volcano’s fume.

Humanity strives to utilize the water, land, and air,

Yet, we continue to tarnish our Mother with destructive acts, it’s unfair.

As we yearn to manufacture environmentally harmful products to satisfy our needs,

We ignore the cries of anguish from Mother Nature, oh, such tragic deeds.

Although the damage we’ve inflicted is simply absolute,

The hope is that one day, our world can replenish the core of Mother Nature’s root.


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