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  • Joshua Lefort

Hazy Thoughts

Sometimes I feel scared.

At times I feel alone

but it’s only when I’m up against the wall

that I realize that I’m up against it all.

Recently, I’ve lost my veil.

My wings have been clipped

and my feet have been shackled.

As I lay facing down in my web

and gaze into nothingness.

I attempt to stand up

and take a tumble.

I’m used to getting back up.

I’m bruised and calloused,

yet I’ve never healed.

It's never bothered me till now

because my weakened knees

have been forced to take a bow.

And now I see as clear as a hawk

that I’ve been preying upon myself.

I’ve been getting up too quick.

I’ve cast aside every little nick.

Now that my silk thread has grown grimy.

It’s time to snip it and fall down below

because then I’ll be able to atone

and weigh but a single stone.


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