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  • Elma Mallick

Mother, Forgive Me

On behalf of Your saplings,

I sincerely apologize.

The world is hurting,

Many have and still are suffering the loss of a home.

Losing faith in the life they were blessed with,

And we remain silent.

By extracting palladium from underground tunnels,

To nourish the vehicles that obstruct Your lungs.

We are silencing our brothers and sisters,

Already born without a voice.

Investment in the throne has caused us to oversee,

The riches that lie within Your flesh.

We have forgotten the one who has given birth to us,

Bore us in the womb for forty, challenging weeks.

To satisfy our selfish desire of burgeoning infrastructure,

We have axed down Your kin.

Those who provide us with the air that fuels our blood,

Bear the fruit we consume.

On behalf of Your saplings,

I will not let lividity poison thee as it has Your precious creations.


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