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  • Melissa Thambiaiah

Substance Abuse: A Crisis Amidst

Our community is slowly beginning to decay from substance use & abuse,

Between the unlawful acts & crimes that arise from their use.

Altering the lives of many, day by day,

Truly what image of ourselves have these substances lead us to portray?

Through these harmful acts, our morality we betray.

As a result, families, & relationships begin to decay.

Not only draining our pockets but draining each victim’s soul,

Going down a destructive path, without any form of control.

Constantly yearning for these harmful substances, seeking a sense of satisfaction,

Leading to their bodies experiencing an unbearable reaction.

Drugs have consumed the lives of every victim,

Leaving them emotionless, slowly deteriorating their system.

Oh, how corrupt the world has become,

Between the imprisonments & deaths, our society is now numb.

Inevitably, the abuse of substances has resulted in irreversible damage,

Now, we are left wondering, is there anything left to salvage?


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