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  • Stecie A.K.

The Bystander

They’ll always ask you why.

They’ll come up to you and they’ll ask the same old questions,


look down on you with such dismissive expressions.

They’ll fill your head with thoughts of self doubt,

And they’ll empty your very life source, you an oasis, and them a drought

Your garden no longer blooms,

And your wheat fields don’t have the same glow,

Your embers don’t fly quite as high as they used to,


the reason, sometimes, you just don’t know

They’ll never really understand what it is you go through in your day to day,

They’ll never, take the time to ask you why it is you feel this way.

They’ll glance and scoff and pretend they don’t see,

And they’ll act as if you’re still the person you used to be.

But that doesn’t really matter does it?

Because life goes on and it always will,

And they’ll always be there and they’ll always talk.

But what really matters is getting you, back to you.

Not how long it takes, or how far it is you have to walk.

Because that journey is your own,

Yours to take, and yours to complete,

And anyone else’s opinion is far obsolete.


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