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  • Pamela Shoraj

The Weight of the Earth

When the sky darkens, those outside carry the avoirdupois from the earth itself, blessing the emerald skin branching out to the sky,

An unknown weight which may seem like nothing on a fingertip,

The weight of the world is carried by those that sprout from the very soil of earth itself-

Only to be oblivious by the nature outside once they are birthed.

Once filled with azure and viridescent shades- varying along colours in between would now the earth be tainted.

Splatters of ink and particles of ash, loiter the world that holds burden itself.

The rubber that gaits on the soil, harm

Danger, the ones sprouted from the earth are in danger

Treasured and prized, now slain mercilessly.

Consequences are dire for those who do not see or listen:

Fallen leaves will now be fallen trees


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