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Hi there!

We are KeepEarth, an all-youth organization dedicated to discussing, debating and solving the issues that put our home at risk. Whether it's environmental, social or political, we're here to talk about it. The main goal is to educate enough people to make a difference. After all, we only have one planet, one home, one chance.

Thank you for wanting to make a change. We need more humans like you.

MEET some of THE TEAM!


Hi! I'm Ranmali and I'm the founder and director of KeepEarth! I oversee the organization and keep everything running smoothly, with the help of my team of course. When I'm not volunteering, you can usually find me hanging out with my dogs, reading, or cooking!


Hi there! I'm Ethan, the Director of Outreach here at KeepEarth. Being a part of KeepEarth has been impactful and is definitely a major highlight of my high school career. I enjoy working and growing together with the driven team of young adults at the organization.


Hey! I'm Evelyn and I am KeepEarth's Communications Director. Some of my interests include swimming, social media, travelling, and all things food! I joined KeepEarth in February 2021 with the hope to make a difference and meet some really great people in the process.


Hey! My name's Stecie and I'm a student in 10th grade. I'm the Content Director as well as a Content Creator here at KeepEarth. I love anything creative/artistic and KeepEarth really allows me to tap into those interests. You'll often find me publishing on the website or writing poetry, but to my fellow members, I'm always just an email away!


Hi there! I'm Syeda, and I'm a graphics director here at KeepEarth. I enjoy exploring my creativity and melding it with content for the website to help raise awareness about societal topics and about possibilities for the future. I love teaching and helping to educate my community about many different things. I also enjoy playing music, sketching, writing stories, and working with little kids!


Hey everyone! I'm Jasmine and I like to write as well as contribute to our social justice movements and discussions here at KeepEarth. I love to talk about teenage mental health and how our society affects us, as it's something I'm very passionate about. Some of my other interests include art, architecture, poetry, and photography!


Joshua Lefort is a prolific black poet based in the GTA who has been able to amplify black advocacy through his work in conjunction with organizations such as Keep Earth, Muslim Women In Stem and The Crane Project. Joshua's work mostly sheds light on the difficulties and traumas within our society. His soul’s purpose is to heal people from all walks of life through his writing. Apart from his writing, Joshua teaches kids how to code, pilots a workout club and actively participates in advocacy initiatives.

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