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  • Stecie A.K.



Entered our lives as an uninvited guest and ever since then my mind can’t be put to rest

Every waking moment full of thoughts of this pandemic as the rest of the world lives through an epidemic

Testing our ability to follow the democracy and allowing ourselves to distance each other socially


I’m not like everyone else I need stability, tranquillity and free mobility I cannot be held in captivity


Peer through my window watch the cars going by as I let out a sigh thinking to myself why

Why me? Why us? What’s the meaning of anything? Cuz after all isn’t the world basically ending?

So I-

let the dark clouds take over and I surrender myself to the forces down under


I remember the dark nights of December, the crispy weather when things couldn’t get better

And so I-

think to myself that I wanna live. I wanna see what the rest of the year is holding out for me


I pull myself together and try to remember that:

We’re all in this together.

Stacey K.

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