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  • Emily Bad

Homophobia: LGBTQ+

Our secrets of love and despair,

Make us feel like we're high off of ecstasy,

Struggling to be ourselves again,

Our forbidden love is like an anchor,

Our hearts are wrapped in chains,

Dragging us down, Holding us back

All we understand is that the truth will enable us,

To be who we are,

Then again it's all about controlling the weak,

You try to express yourself but they treat you like a freak.

Underneath it all, we're just falling apart,

They look at us like we're demons,

But it feels like we're already in hell,

We don't even have the freedom to love.

They treat us like we're nothing,

Maybe we would be better off apart,

Why can't we just be together?

Right here, right now,

No judgement,



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