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  • Stecie A.K.

No Questions Asked

When you give your neighbour a smile, what do you lose?

What burden do you bear when you put yourself in someone’s shoes?

How hard is it for you to simply, do better,

To see a friend thriving because of a storm that you help them weather.

To be a decent human being does not cost you a dime,

Yet our streets are still filled with hatred and crime,

Constantly greeted with harsh words and a death stare,

People still fearing for their lives, a fact that isn’t quite fair.

To be a good person shouldn’t trouble you in the least,

How is it that you treat a person differently based on whether they heed for the west or the east?

Why is it that to some, not everyone is deserving of it all?

That you’d snicker and laugh at someone else’s fall.

Because the truth is the world wasn’t built for us all.

Because the truth is that the playing field was never levelled at all.

So take the time to consider this food for thought:

That there should not be a single question resembling “should I be nice or not”.

There is no reason to raise your guard unless there is imminent danger-

And no, a black man does not qualify either.

The moral of the story is human decency.

Once again kindness is not “To be or not to be”,

It is in fact a state of consistency.

So, I ask of you,

Dear humanity,

Please be the best version of you, that you could possibly be.


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