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  • Stecie A.K.


They’ll ask you who you love and how you love and why you love too.

They’ll ask you why you speak a certain way, why you shout or do what you do.

They’ll wonder what went wrong, why you “chose” the categories in which you stand,

Really, they’ll try to rationalize everything that they don’t understand, why certain things go hand in hand.

In truth, you owe them no answers, no, none at all,

But, human nature dictates the need to fit in, to remain within the wall.

And so, you attempt to explain your thoughts that they call vain, clinically insane,

And they simply don’t get it, in fact they refuse to and that’s the definition of your pain.

In your life story you are the antagonist, always misunderstood,

You have renounced societal ways therefore, in you there is no good.

They say pick your struggle, is it race, gender or sexuality,

They disregard the transcendence of man, the intersectionality.

And so I say to hell with society, "the Combine", "Big Brother" and "Our Ford",

I say you are your own person, free to strum to your own chords.

The need for labels isn’t present but you adorn them if you wish,

Because the value lies in the choice, and what it is you choose to do with it.


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