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  • Stecie A.K.

Sophomore Year

Sophomore year, the very 10th grade,

Your second year of high school, yet it seems nothing has changed.

Your classes are still as long,

And your motivation is still...long gone.

You open your eyes et 6am Monday through Friday,

And as you do your morning stretches, you ask yourself if it's worth it anyway.

You contemplate the million and one reasons you'd really rather not go,

You run through the excuses you could give your mom, but can already hear her say no.

You resign yourself to your sorry fate, get up and finally shower,

As the boiling water rushes over you, you try to muster up some courage, or, some power.

Some ounce of motivation for the day you've yet to get through,

Some strength to deal with the people who deserve a big "F You".

Your subway ride is always the same,

Window seat when you can, listening to the playlist called "Rain".

You ponder what your day will hold,

The lessons you'll be taught, the things you'll be told.

Even as the dread of "Functions" washes over you,

You remember what you're really there to do.

You think about your future and the things you wish to accomplish,

You think about your travel plans, your career and your endless bucket list.

You take yourself on a mental trip to Paris,

You find yourself in a surgical room, or a classroom or anywhere else you wish.

And suddenly school doesn't seem quite such a bother,

When your dreams keep you going, you can go a little farther.


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