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  • Sephora N'Kosi

Please Don't Leave Me

I don’t think I could take such a separation

Whether you’re an acquaintance or a dear friend

I am unable to accept your loss

You hold such importance in my everyday life

I could see you once a week,

Only between your free period and my chemistry class

But that one salutation is a primal interaction

You are more important to me than you know

Though our exchanges vary in frequence,

And there is no recurring sequence

I simply could not accept

A complete end to your presence

In my daily progress

I can miss you, sure

Think about how I didn’t see you that week

But please

Don’t leave me

Do not abandon me permanently

It is already hard to miss you

Pondering on whether I mean as much to you as you do to me

They say people grow and change, drift away

But the grief I’d have to face from the loss of your soul

Would simply kill me simultaneously

We’d both be alone, fingers unable to tangle

I’d be filled with emptiness

As part of me was ripped away without warning

They’d say it’d “be okay”, but no

I wouldn’t


don’t leave me


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