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  • Jahena Orthi

Injustice of Indigenous People

Canada. Paradise on Earth?

It often imagined that Canada is a country of peace, democracy, and equity. But when its history of blood is unveiled, the image starts changing significantly. A study reported by the UN shows Canada, in addition to many other countries like the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Africa, and more have participated in boarding schools. These boarding schools were for indigenous people, a method to steal their identities, cultures, religions, languages, and everything that makes them who they are.

To this day, the effects of the cultural genocide lay in indigenous communities. Though 13 years ago the government of Canada apologized, their apology has been left as nothing but words.

33.6% of indigenous people in Canada receive financial aid and almost 4 in 10 children experience poverty. Indigenous people still have difficult lives, barely having food to eat, fighting to survive every day. Cultures and practices are almost lost. The government continues to treat the indigenous communities with unfairness and injustice.

According to an article published by the Indigenous Corporation Training Inc, 44.2% of first nations on reserves require major repairs done in their homes, these repairs include wiring, structural repairs, plumbing, etc. The main cause of these issues is the systematic discrimination of indigenous communities.

Suicide rates are the highest cause of death for indigenous peoples, unemployment numbers haven’t increased from 2005 to 2016, and in 2016, almost 33.65% of indigenous people don’t have a high school diploma or equivalent. Furthermore, proving the justice that needs to be served.

Canada needs to leave its systematic racism, and move forward with reconciliation and work with the indigenous communities to make sure their voice and their concerns are heard. Most importantly Canada needs to continuously support reconciliAction, to take action that makes a difference.


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