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  • Madisyn Yanesa

OPINION: Our World Is Changing. Should We Change Our Curriculum?

Our world is continuously changing in countless ways. It could be changing with technology, our work ethics, and the way we think. If we plan to adapt to these changes, we need a good education. But how are we going to do that when our school curriculum hasn’t properly changed in decades? If we want to have a better future, we need to focus on our current generation’s students. We need to be teaching them the right things that will set them up

for success rather than failure. In my opinion, our current school system isn’t prioritizing students’ future.

We aren’t teaching students the things they will need to know for after high school. For instance, when these scholars go into the workplace, they wouldn’t know how to make a savings account. They are also unaware of the jobs to choose from. Even though what students are learning now are good foundations, we need to build on them to ensure success. Teaching them things that they will 100% use in the future is crucial. However, we don’t choose to do it. An example of this scenario is learning how to apply for a credit card, as well as maintain a good credit score. This is something that many of us will do after we graduate, but teachers aren’t taking the time to teach.

School is supposed to be a place where we prepare ourselves for things to come. It could be for our occupation, how to prepare for university/college, or how to become a model citizen of our society. How we prepare for these things is the responsibility of our teachers and school system. In the future, we need to change the way we learn to better ourselves. Teaching students skills such as how to manage a job and education, how to be financially

prepared for starting a family, what occupations are best for our changing society, are all things our students need to learn. These students are responsible for managing our upcoming world, we should give them the proper tools to execute it well.


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