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  • Stecie A.K.


I am the earth.

I am the soil beneath your feet and I am the clouds within the sky.

I’m the protector of wildlife, the flora and fauna, yes, that is mine.

But most of all, I am the home that you create,

The place where your memories reside and thereafter, deflate.

Where you took your first steps, your first run and walk,

Your first bike ride or kite flying, maybe you even learned a trott.

You depend on me at every turn and I am always here,

So, I ask of you a question; is the end really near?

You say that you care for me, that for I, you’d go beyond, plus ultra, if you will,

Then how is it that the valleys I hold, the mountains that I mould, with pollution you’ve filled?

How is it that you now fight amongst yourselves, mankind all alike,


you seem to see all your differences, the things that separate you, for superiority, you fight.

You break each other down slowly, but what you don’t seize is that you’re also breaking me.

Yes, because I am at my breaking point; the finish line, you see.

I’ve come and gone like a futile thing.

Out of sight out of mind, you know, but the kind that stings,

Like- an eternal breakup in which we’re all the victim,

Where, you stopped watering me, yet you still wait for me to blossom.

I’m under quite the microscope, the job description being to keep you alive,

Yet how is it that killing us all, is the goal unto which you so fervently strive?

Now, I’ve given you my warning,

Please don’t make this my goodbye.

You still have time to save me,

Or at least you have time to give it a couple tries.

Because “The Time Is Always Ripe To Do Right”; I quote a great king, where he lies.


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