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  • Stecie A.K.

Thank You

Thank you for the years of love and laughter,

Thank you for letting me believe in “Happily Ever After”.

Thank you for guiding me through my darkest days,

Thank you for showing me your endlessly kind ways.

Thank you for letting me finally believe in love,

Thank you for always going beyond and above.

Thank you for the sunny walks on the beach,

And thank you for the bad jokes that you tried to teach.

You were my sunshine and that is no metaphor at all,

You lit up my life and helped me up when I would fall.

You told me of a magic place where worries never were,

And now that place is within my grasp, I’ve never been so sure.

But you had to leave me, in search of that very place yourself,

And I couldn’t be more proud of you for looking for that help.

I hope you find that place, and soon make it your own,

I hope you live a happy life, and make that place your home.


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