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  • Stecie A.K.

The Dinner Party

You show up at 6 o’clock to this event that you’ve been dreading,

And on very thin ice your mental health is already treading.

You greet relatives with smiles you wish were real,

And it takes a lot out of you, every hug and kiss you feel.

Your social battery is quickly running out,

And very quickly, you feel the need to escape, without a doubt.

Just as you think you can get a breath of fresh air,

It’s her. The aunt that wants to know too much is right there.

You’re caught in this conversation you don’t want to have,

Boyfriends, College, but you can’t be disrespectful so, you smile and laugh.

Then there it is. The one comment that sets you off every year,

The weight talk. It’s just as you feared.

And so dinner comes around and suddenly you’re not so hungry,

Suddenly seconds are off the table, nope, “no more turkey for me”.

And you curse yourself for letting this one comment take its toll,

Yet you find yourself saying no, when offered a roll.

The night comes to an end and you couldn’t feel worse,

You just want to leave- Gosh where’d you leave your purse?

You say you won’t come back, never again will they see you today,

But you always do, because you never can stay away from this Holiday.


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